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 Alexey Sukhorukov’s Recruiting Agency

 Alexey Sukhorukov’s Recruiting Agency is the fast growing company with focus providing individual, well balanced solutions to suit your long-term staffing needs.

  • Our recruiting agency was founded in 2003. Our specialty is the IT and related fields for Novosibirsk, Moscow, Israel, EU and the USA.
  • At the moment the company engages twelve people who work with more than 100 positions.

More than 10 years of experience across the international IT staff recruiting industry since 2005 means we can provide you with:

  • competitive price level – we charge 13-15% of annual income;
  • aim-oriented solutions – no advanced payment;
  • warranty obligations – you pay only after successful probationary period;
  • the large internal candidate database – you can always find the very best specialist meets your demands;
  • high quality IT specialist – not only a personality testing but also a professional testing of every candidate (skills, coding experience, mathematical background).

Read more about our technical experts:

 Stepan Yakovenko, Java technical expert IT-developer for 10 years, Java team lead, tutor in the Alexey Sukhorukov’s IT-Academy, speaker. Prize-winning in the IBM programming contest. English fluent speaker. Hobbies: music creating with Cubase, VST plugins and MIDI keybourd.





   Muzyukin Yuriy, iOS technical expert iOS developer for 4 years, team lead in the field of banking software, speaker. Fluent English. Hobby: active tourism.








   Korjov Aleksey, PHP technical expert PHP developer for 5 years, backend team lead in Gamedev, tutor in Alexey Sukhorukov’s IT-Academy, speaker. Hobbies: skateboard, active tourism.






  Anatoly Griko, technical expert C++/Python, software engineer in Almalence inc., tutor in the Alexey Sukhorukov’s IT-Academy. Loves creating of cool software, UI design and ideas of Open Source. Hobbies: 

  plaing drums in heavy metal band, plaing LARP and tabletop games.






Supplying our clients with a tailor made solution, we suggest the following scheme:

• You take look at the condition we are working under and provide us with candidate requirements;

• We review your candidate requirements and set up reward;

• After getting your go-ahead, we look for the best candidate and deliver fist results in 7 working days.

Learn more about our ready to be hired candidates or send an enquiry.

We provide:

  • IT-staff recruiting
  • Out staffing
  • Personnel training (IT Academy)
  • Labor market studies
  • Outsourcing HR functions
  • Monitoring salary level
  • Staff evaluation
  • HR consulting
  • Development of the motivational systems
  • Audit of HR office work
  • Outplacement

Our team is happy to help you with any of your needs in IT-recruitment field!

  Anton Durnetsov, CEO

  CIO for 9 years, the active member of the IT-manager Club, author and organizer of Quarterly HR Conference, SafeGames (competition in the field of computer security). Hobbies: hand combat, trap shooting, 

  swimming, snowboard, motorcycling.



  Elena Koroleva, account manager

  IT-recruiter since 2009, lead recruiter in EU-direction, English & German fluent speaker. Hobbies: literary translation from Siberian Turkic languages, skiing.







  Dubovik Antonina, recruiter iOS/BD

   Loves to help developers to find their dream job. Hobbies: handmaid cards, decoupage.




Our customers:




Address: A. Suhorukov’s Recruiting Agency, Office 114, Sobolev’s  Institute of Mathematics of the Siberian Branch of the RAS, 4, Ac.Koptyuga ave., Novosibirsk, 630090, RUSSIA

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